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It's the news, with a side of social.

Usepaper is a place where you can share, like and discuss articles with your friends and followers.

It's a great way to find interesting news first. You can subscribe to people with similar interests and get specific about what you want to read.

Share across multiple networks by connecting with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Everything from Local to Global in one place.

News articles on usepaper are added by our users, so they come from everywhere, and cover every topic you can think of.

Usepaper uses tags to make sure you're able to find the specific news you're after.

Tags can be anything, and they give you the power to easily find news from any place and on any topic, without being limited to the coverage of a particular news website.

Configured to your particular tastes.

Usepaper's feeds give you the power to set up very (very) specific news feeds so that you can easily read the news that you want to read.

You don't have to go to one place for finance news and another for sport. Create feeds for specific topics and get everything in the one place.

This means that you'll no longer have to sift through Kanye or Kardashian headlines to find articles worth reading.

Usepaper, Facebook & Twitter with one click.

With usepaper's social integrations you can share articles to your many friends and followers easily by using our Bookmarklet.

Pick a cover image, add tags and even write your own headlines, then share to usepaper, Facebook and Twitter in the same click.